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Career Counseling






Solution-Oriented Therapy


Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 24327)
Master/Registered Professional Career Counselor
6046 Cornerstone Court West, Suite 208
San Diego, CA  92121

(858) 558-7400 E-mail me here

Sometimes life is challenging, frustrating and difficult. Are career, health, relationship or other problems getting you down? Do you seem more depressed or anxious? If so, I can help! During my 25 years in private practice, I have helped thousands of people deal with just about every problem you can imagine. My focus is on solving the problem(s) YOU identify that need work. We'll talk about your goals and the obstacles you face. Then, we’ll discuss ways to move beyond them and forward in your life. Sometimes just receiving a different point of view from an unbiased professional provides the impetus needed to make important changes.

Judy Kaplan Baron, San Diego Career Counselor

I help people cope with difficult situations, solve problems, improve careers, manage stress, resolve conflicts, develop stronger relationships, and feel more confident. My approach is eclectic; I choose strategies, which best fit the needs of each client. I am also supportive and empathic but, above all, pragmatic. I welcome the opportunity to assist you in improving your life.

One client said, “I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a no nonsense approach to finding the right career, unleashing potential, and maximizing personal growth.”  Please call for a free telephone consultation.


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