T H E T H E R A P I S T  D I R E C T O R Y  O F  S A N D I E G O
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Cognitive Therapy


Depression / Anxiety

Panic / Phobias



Physical Illness


Stress Management


Women's Issues

Licensed Psychologist (PSY 18818)
Office in UTC area
(858) 442-2421

Dr. Berger is a licensed psychologist with an emphasis in health psychology. Her areas of emphasis are anxiety disorders, women’s issues, and medical illnesses. The anxiety disorders she specializes in are panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. However, people seek her help for a variety of problems including:
Beth Berger, Ph.D., Cognitive Therapy in San Diego
  • Depression
• Anxiety 
• Post Partum Depression
• Medical Illnesses
• Stress related issues
• Relationship issues
• Life changing events which include completing college, career changes,
  and coping with loss.

Dr. Berger has specialized  training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but her approach to therapy is integrative, utilizing other theories as well. Dr. Berger’s aim is to help you to reach your goals in a compassionate environment and to aid you in learning skills that will enable you to cope with life’s challenges and increase your self confidence.


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