T H E T H E R A P I S T  D I R E C T O R Y  O F  S A N D I E G O

Positive Psychology





Grief / Loss



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(MFC 28301)
106 Thorn Street
San Diego, CA  92103
(619) 299-7474
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I am attentive, interactive, and personable and I am committed to helping my clients feel empowered to live happier and more satisfying lives.

Rapport is everything!
I develop rapport by expressing warmth, empathy and humor.

Dan Bjierke, San Diego Positive Psychology Therapist

I love my job and especially enjoy teaching and supporting people to:
 Accept and love themselves
  Apply effective strategies for intimate and enriching relationships
  Work through losses (divorce, death, job etc.)
  Cope with being single and finding a healthy, loving partner
  Live the life they desire and most certainly deserve

I am trained and experienced in the following theories and modalities:
  Human Development
  Family Systems
  Couples Counseling
  Conflict Resolution
  Grief Counseling
  Positive Psychology

Also, if you are interested in the new field of Positive Psychology please contact me to learn more about upcoming classes and workshops.  It involves understanding the “Science of Happiness” and explores how much of our happiness and life satisfaction is genetic, situational, and influenced by our thoughts and behavior.

Good luck on your journey and I wish you well!

Free half-hour consultations are available


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