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Children / Adolescents

Depression / Anxiety


Grief / Loss
Licsensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 38192)
3252 Holiday Court, Suite 227
La Jolla/UTC Area
(858) 455-1355 • KarenBlochMFT.com

If you wish things were different but just don’t know how to change them – perhaps you’re feeling tension in a relationship, maybe you’re dealing with a major challenge or a difficult transition - therapy can really help. The support of someone on the outside can help you understand more clearly what’s really going on and work with you to create new ways to see yourself and your relationships.

Karen Bloch, San Diego Parenting Solutions, Co-Parenting Therapist

I believe that a good therapist is not just a good listener. Your need to change things and resolve the difficulties you are facing affects you right now, and you need to begin finding relief immediately. My approach is to be creative and practical in working with you to find solutions that work now. I will help you uncover and let go of the things that are holding you back and help develop the tools and understanding that will enable you to make better choices, feel calmer, be more optimistic and see new possibilities.

I work with adults, children, adolescents and couples with a broad variety of issues and have significant expertise in:

•  Parenting Solutions
•  Couples Counseling
•  Relationship Issues
•  Life Transitions
•  Child and Adolescent Therapy
•  Divorce, Co-parenting and Blended Families
•  Depression
•  Anxiety
•  Grief and loss


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