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Compassionate Counseling and Skills Training
in San Diego

Are you feeling stuck? Would you like to move forward? Are you tired of trying to "just get over it"?

Has someone told you that you have Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Addictions?

It's about what happened to you not what's wrong with you.

Cathy Harris, San Diego Compassionate Counseling and Skills Training

Insurance: Cigna, MHN, Medicare, Medicare (with secondary insurance), PPO's.
Payment: Cash, Visa, MC, Paypal

The medical model focuses on symptoms (what's wrong with you) but trauma-informed thinking focuses on "what happened to you?" and offers empowerment and the prospect of getting on with your life. Trauma-Informed thinking does not focus solely on the use of medications for treatment. Your inherent strengths are utilized to help you build a life that you love.

Most people have experienced some level of trauma in their lifetime. I help with a broad range of concerns using a "Trauma-Informed" approach. Check out the videos on my website to see if this concept make sense to you. I offer personal face-to-face or private, online sessions for practical improvement and safe expression of difficult emotions.

Are you coping with feeling down, fearful, nervous? Let's work together to find ways that lead you to hope, joy and vitality. I offer compassionate counseling and skills training to persons aged 18 and up.

We'll use a recovery-oriented process to help you process past traumas, build skills that create confidence and get beyond the labels. "Borderline," PTSD or Dissociative Identity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety or Addictions do not need to be life-long or life-limiting sentences.

Shame, push-pull in relationships, unfulfilled education or employment potential and low-self esteem are all after-effects of traumatic events and circumstances. You don't have to stay stuck in these conditions, a full life is possible after trauma!

I also offer credible support to persons who are ex or exiting cultish religious, secular or treatment groups. I understand the pain of shunning and starting a new life outside the confines of group think. I am an "ex" Jehovah's Witness who has learned that life can be enjoyed in the here and now. See my website Freedom From Cults for more information.

We'll use a variety of modalities to help build you up again. Art (including SoulCollage®), music, cognitive, dialectical, family systems, trauma model, EMDR, Somatic Awareness and psychodynamic (insightful talk) are just some of the ways we can work together. I use a trauma-informed philosophy with attention to your individual needs.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

Cathy S Harris, LCSW Trauma Counseling in San Diego


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