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Trauma / Abuse

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Clinical Psychologist (PSY 16251)
4455 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite 100-9
San Diego, CA  92123
(858) 536-8985 E-mail me here

I am licensed as both a Clinical Psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist. I specialize in mindfulness-based psychotherapy, integrating cognitive therapy, guided imagery, hypnosis and early family of origin work to help you to discover your resources in order to accomplish personal change.

Linda Collins, San Diego Mindfulness-based Therapy
Additionally,  I offer:
•  Mindfulness-based individual and group therapy for anxiety, panic & depression
•  Somatic experiencing therapy for working with trauma
•  Heartmath practices and therapeutic meditation to increase calm, decrease anxiety & stress-related physical complaints
•  Mindfulness-based communication training for couples to reduce relationship stress
•  Online coaching support for habit change & mindfulness practice

These therapeutic approaches are particularly helpful for stress-related mood and physical problems as well as anxiety, panic, trauma-related problems, recovery from depression and emotional reactivity that interferes with effective communication and problem solving in relationships.

To learn more, visit my website at: www.therapy4mindbody.com


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