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Chris Tammariello, San Diego Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services
Licensed as a Child and Family Therapist in 1986 and a Credentialed Mediator in 1994, I have an extensive background spanning more than 25 years helping people understand their communication dynamics, belief systems, and impact on those relationships that matter. 

My passion is helping people recognize how behavior gets in the way. where changes are possible, and identify ways to turn life’s challenges around, at home and at work. My focus is on individuals within a relationship, before, during and after marriage as well as the impact on children when divorce actually happens. 

I help people struggling with depression, anxiety, anger management and how addictions get in the way of good relationships.

Business Solutions...People Solutions...Family Solutions

I am not just a therapist but a relationship- turnaround-specialist.  My expertise includes: Conflict Coach, a New Ways for Families (NWFF) Therapist/Mediator, High Conflict Diversion Program (HCDP) Workshop Leader, and Advanced Practitioner (AP) in Workplace Mediation.  I am an approved provider of selected insurance networks for therapy and EAP services.

2005: the Federal Executive Board, Los Angeles recognized me for my leadership and mediation mentorship to Civilian Employees.
2009: Top Ten Psychotherapists in San Diego by Newsweek magazine
2013:  Doctorate in Psychology in progress.


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