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"Most fights are really protests over
emotional disconnection."
- Sue Johnson, Emotional Focused Therapy

Do you find it impossible to communicate without it turning into an argument?

Has betrayal or infidelity threatened the trust you once had?

Are you trying to save your marriage but nothing seems to work?

Carolyn Gerard, San Diego Christian Marriage and Couples Therapist
All couples experience conflict. Few people, however, know how to effectively work through the argument in a way that both people feel heard and understood.

You don’t need to suffer through this alone. I help couples work through the pain of disconnection or betrayal. Together we make sense of the hurt, the anger, and feelings of rejection and begin to restore a more trusting and honest connection.

With extensive training in the latest research-based techniques in working with couples, I specialize in Relationship Therapy.

Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985, married 30+ years and having raised five children (including twins), I bring practical wisdom and understanding to each therapy session. Email me at Carolyn@GerardCounseling.com, or visit www.GerardCounseling.com for more information.


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