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San Diego, CA  92122

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Therapy based on mindfulness uses our strengths as its foundation. It provides a safe space, tools and guidance to grow beyond fear, limitations and current attachment issues. Experiences that have been too difficult to explore alone can be befriended and feelings resolved with awareness and acceptance. Inside each of us are all the resources needed to heal and grow. Though pain is a natural part of life, when it is met with mindfulness and compassion our relation with it softens and the familiar cycles of suffering it creates for us and others end naturally.

Carolyn Hudson, Ph.D., Buddhist Teacher, Mindfulness classes in San Diego, Meditation classes in San Diego

I have integrated mindfulness, mind/body awareness, Martin Buber’s philosophy and Focusing into existential-humanistic therapy for 18 years. For 8 years I have been a recognized teacher in the Buddhist tradition. I offer tools, insights from these and other methods of self-exploration including:

• Trauma resolution work
• Art therapy techniques
• Affect regulation skills
• Attachment issues
• Hypnosis and self-hypnosis
• Grief resolution

Bringing in my experience as a Buddhist teacher, I also offer in-depth meditation training to individuals and supervise psychotherapy professionals who wish to integrate mindfulness and Buddhist principles into their own therapy practices. I also offer six week meditation classes which integrate mindfulness and self-regulation skills into formal and "in life" meditation.


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