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Divorce Mediation



Custody / Co-Parenting

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 16999)
12250 El Camino Real, Suite 116
San Diego, CA 92130
(619) 865-3203 E-mail me here

Heal your broken heart here.

Are you contemplating divorce? Just found out your spouse wants a divorce? Is there disagreement between you and your co-parent about the kids? Chaos, fear and overwhelm accompanies these thoughts and situations. Spouses and parents are often left to wonder,"Why is this happening?"

Are you in search of support for a life situation you did not anticipate? Lynn Waldman is an experienced therapist, mediator and divorce coach who understands your inner turmoil, sense of hopelessness, feelings of abandonment and overall anger you may be feeling.

You are not alone. Take a deep breath. Lynn is here to offer you emotional support through your crisis.

Lynn Waldman, San Diego Divorce Mediator and Mediation Services

Payment: Credit Card, Check, Cash, PPO Insurance


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