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Families / Relationships



3225 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest
(619) 682-7002
Individual, Relationship Therapy

Emily’s dedication to healing service began long before her chosen career as a psychotherapist. As a child, she assisted her country doctor father on house calls throughout the countryside.  Those remembered experiences of respect and commitment to patients inform her work today, with a natural empathy and clarity, augmented by extensive training and experience.

Emily sees individuals and families in transition at the San Diego Family Institute on Fourth Avenue in San Diego. A separate playroom awaits children of all ages. Armed with clay, paints, colored pencils, their faces express anticipation at magical happenings, Emily as inspiration.

Whether with children or adults, Emily serves as a trusted guide to new ways of seeing, new ways of saying, new ways of being, in a changing, often confusing personal and outer world.

Emily’s specialties include:
• Family Repair
• Individual Therapy
• Couples in Transition
• Children of Divorce
• Play Therapy


Emily McCutchan, family therapist and counselor

Emily and canine co-therapist Olaf
•  Marriage and Family Therapist,
CA Lic. MFC 33065
•  Mental Health Counselor, FL Lic.
MH 2152
•  National Certified Clinical
Mental Health Counselor/
National Certified Counselor
NCC 33855
•  Registered Play Therapist &
Supervisor #S-718

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