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My focus in our work is to accompany you, both as a guide and a companion, in your search for a deeper sense of yourself, finding your “place in the world,” both individually and in relationship. I believe you have the wisdom within for your own growth and healing.

In response to the problems in our lives, we all develop survival strategies and coping mechanisms that keep us disconnected from our true self. Because we do this unconsciously, the resulting thoughts and behaviors can sometimes make us wonder if something is wrong with us.

Together we will explore these strategies and mechanisms that are no longer working for you, and develop new skills that will help you manage and move through difficult emotions and unhelpful patterns of thinking. As a result, you will feel more settled in yourself, which inevitably leads to deep self-trust and confidence.

My training includes: Family Systems, Cognitive-Behavioral, Development/Attachment, Contemporary Psychodynamic studies, EMDR, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Sensorimotor work combines traditional talk therapy techniques with body-centered interventions that directly address the neurobiological effects of trauma (both of abuse and developmental deficits). I also draw from a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Carole Meredith, Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego

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