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Depression / Anxiety

Trauma / Abuse



Dream Work

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Are you feeling STUCK?

Are you stressed…about work, home, relationships?
Are you locked in situations that you can't overcome?
Are you dwelling on the past or anxious about the future?
Do you think you haven't 'arrived' in your career or in life?
Do you often wonder how can I achieve my full potential?

I can help you achieve your GOALS.

As a Psychotherapist, I can support you in processing the negative emotions and thoughts these situations may bring and help you to build strengths and skills to manage these challenges. The enhanced strengths and skills make a positive impact and may result in improved relationships, increased productivity and lasting personal growth for you.

Reena Mittal, San Diego Psychodynamic Therapy, Dream Work, CBT, EMDR

Reena Mittal, MFT, MBA
(MFC 52776)
My style of counseling is compassionate and non-judgmental. The process of facilitating healing and recovery can be difficult, and I pay particular attention to fostering a safe and consistent environment tailored towards your individual needs.

I specialize in Psychodynamic Therapy and am proficient in Career Counseling. I am also trained in Dream Analysis and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for Trauma/PTSD. 

I specialize in:
· Anxiety and Depression
· Career Issues/Transitions
· Family conflict
· Teenage issues
· Couples issues
· Trauma/ PTSD
My practice is open to:
· Adults
· Teens
· Young Adults
· Couples
· Families

Call (858) 925-3855 for Free Confidential Consultation.

12625 High Bluff Drive, Suite 104
San Diego, CA 92130


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