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Cognitive Therapy


Depression / Anxiety

Anger Management


Military Issues
Women's Issues
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Office in Hillcrest/Banker's Hill
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Therapy is a collaborative process toward growth and healing, where with trust and unconditional acceptance, clients are reminded of and gently guided back to reconnecting with their own inner knowing. With a focus on integrating body, mind, and spirit, people are empowered to define and achieve their goals in therapy.

Lori Sherer, San Diego MFT Intern
Helping clients identify and work toward their goals, learn to be present in the moment, and to thrive in life in pursuit of their highest good is what I strive for in session. With Mindfulness, and other therapeutic interventions such as EMDR and Advanced Integrative Therapy designed to reduce stress and anxiety, people can experience relief from self-doubt, self-consciousness, freedom from past defense mechanisms that may influence their reactions in the present, and freedom to reinvent themselves fearlessly without regard to what others may think of them.

It is an honor to be part of this process of helping people feel empowered as they discover many of the answers to life's challenges lie within themselves. Within a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, clients are able to achieve the personal growth we all strive for.

3821 Front Street
San Diego, CA  92103


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