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Psychotherapist (LCS 23073)
Office in Carmel Valley
(858) 793-2400
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Have you had more difficulty communicating with your partner, family, or friends? Are you overwhelmed with depression, stress, career, financial, or health problems? Has there been infidelity in your relationship? I can help.

I specialize in helping clients to resolve relationship problems, self-esteem issues, depression, and anxiety. I work with individuals, couples, teens and families. I use techniques to help people improve communication, become more self-aware, and manage conflicts more easily with family, spouses, friends and co-workers. I help clients to become more assertive, satisfied, and confident in their own decision making process.

Specializing in:

Jill Silverman, San Diego Psychotherapist in Carmel Valley and San Marcos

Day and evening appts. available
Free telephone consultation

Office Location:
12625 High Bluff Drive, Ste. 215
San Diego, CA  92130

♦  Anxiety and depression
♦  Infidelity
♦  Marriage Counseling
♦  Divorce
♦  Conflict with partners/parents/teenagers
♦  Trauma
♦  Problems with work or career
♦  Death of a loved one
♦  Financial problems
♦  Health problems
♦  Stress Management

I completed much of my education in Boston before moving to California eight years ago. I received an M.S.W from  Simmons College, a B.A. in psychology from Tufts University and an M.A in Early Childhood Development from Tufts University. I have training in psychodynamic theories, family systems, and EMDR. I provided psychotherapy to adults, couples and teens at Hathaway Children and Family Services in Sylmar, CA, and also at the department of psychiatry Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. I also draw from my own practice of mindfulness and meditation.

The pain that causes one to seek out counseling often brings new personal growth and self-understanding. I can help you get through stressful situations to create more balance, peace, and satisfaction in your life. Please call to let me know more about how I can help.

Call for a free consultation at (858) 793-2400 or E-mail me here.


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