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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 41963)
(619) 327-9791 • Sorrento Valley

    Couples counseling has unique demands. My graduate education at USD in Marriage and Family Therapy included a full year of couples counseling training working only with couples under 'live' supervision. This gave me a passion for helping couples solve their problems with intimacy and communication as well as navigate crises such as infidelity and lack of sexual desire.

A full assessment of the couple’s situation is critical and is completed in 3 sessions. I meet with the couple together and then with each partner individually to get a complete view of the issues. This assessment is followed by a feedback and planning session where we finalize a treatment plan.

Commonly encountered issues:
Infidelity – emotional affairs often occur via internet or phone texting and cause the same pain as a sexual affair.
Low sexual desire – this impacts many couples in both good and troubled relationships.
Co-parenting and blended families – families in transition from divorce and remarriage often need guidance in adjusting and communicating in the new family dynamic.

Please visit my website at www.couplescare.net for more detailed information on my approach and check out my blogall about couples.

Angela Winslow, Marriage Counseling in San Diego

 Infidelity - sexual and emotional
 Texting or Internet affairs
 Low sexual desire
 Blended family adjustment
 Co-parenting post divorce
 Military families

5230 Carroll Canyon Rd., #100
San Diego, CA 92121
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