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Are you suffering right now?

Buddhist philosophy teaches that suffering is an inevitable condition of being human.  But Buddhism also claims there is a path that leads to the end of suffering.  My goal is to show you that path and reduce your suffering.  How?  By offering you therapy based upon Mindfulness Skills Training.

Denise Zimmerman, San Diego Mind/Body Therapy

Mindfulness Skills Training
is a gentle, effective method that will help you overcome negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Instead of being controlled by these negative states, you will learn to become a neutral observer of them.  As a result, you will be able to manage life's stressful events in a calmer, healthier fashion.

How can Mindfulness Skills Training help you?  Studies show that it can:

•  Reduce stress
•  Reduce anxiety
•  Treat depression
•  Free you from addictions and obsessive/compulsive behavior
•  Treat eating disorders
•  Increase your ability to problem solve, plan and organize
•  Create positive, lasting changes in brain chemistry
•  Promote spiritual growth

In therapy, you will utilize Mindfulness Skills Training as we explore "Focusing" Psychotherapy together, along with mind/body awareness techniques, breathing exercises and other powerful meditation tools.  To learn more, call (858) 452-2233 to schedule a free initial appointment.


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