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Personal happiness reflects an ability to change and grow. First, there is awareness and acknowledgment that one is ready to change, followed by the desire to find help to do so. The next step is finding the right therapist to assist with personal growth.

Therapy or counseling with me will honor your decisions and choices. I have the ability to create a safe, confidential environment for you in my office, where we can explore the issues that may be causing you distress.

I can help you identify the ways of coping that may not be working for you, and learn more helpful patterns of thinking and behavior. We will focus on confidence, self-esteem and lasting skills to attain a wider range of self-expression and satisfaction with your life and relationships.

Liza Boyer, Psychotherapy in La Jolla

LCS 19818
MSW, SDSU School
of Social Work
My approach to therapy is caring, warm, and authentic. We’ll set new goals together, and find the ways to achieve them. My focus is solution-oriented, and I employ a variety of widely-researched and effective therapeutic approaches to achieve success in our work.  

Please call me for a free initial telephone consultation. 
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