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Help for Couples and Individuals

Life can be very challenging.

We all have periods of difficulty in our relationships, in our work, and with ourselves. Old issues can reappear especially during adult transitions. Alone, problems can be hard to solve; a warm and professional helping relationship makes a difference. I like to be practical by focusing on behavioral change and understand the deeper dynamics that lie beneath unhealthy behaviors and relationships.

I have been in private practice in San Diego for thirty years.
I am trained in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy. I focus on each individual to understand his/her life history and psychological make-up; then, together we create a personal treatment plan for change to cope with the particular life challenge. My approach makes a difference when other forms of therapy have not gotten to the root of the problem.

Caroline dePottel, Psychoanalysis in San Diego and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in San Diego

Education: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; M.A. in Clinical Social Work (LCS10997)
Training: Certified Psychoanalyst,  Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at San Diego Psychoanalytic Center

Dr. de Pottél writes articles on envy and patient resistances to progress. She presents her work nationally and internationally.
Transform painful symptoms into healthy responses.

Specializing in entrenched negative attachment behaviors in relationships; chemically dependent/dysfunctional family dynamics (ACA; Co-dependency, PTSD), eating disorders, sexual abuse, grief, chemical dependency, panic disorder, anxiety/depression, and career inhibitions.

Get Help Navigating...
Transitions related to cultural adaptation, career, marriage, lesbian/gay/bisexual issues, divorce, death, and aging; dynamics with maturing children and aging parents.

Fees are negotiable.


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