T H E T H E R A P I S T  D I R E C T O R Y  O F  S A N D I E G O


by Patricia C. Vitiello, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Patricia Vitiello, San Diego Psychotherapist

Human and horse relationships in which the horse is the teacher have existed for centuries. In recent decades equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and equine-facilitated experiential learning (EFEL) have evolved into actual therapeutic disciplines.

Horses provide a visceral healing experience. Those with anxiety and fear-based issues find that the safe and structured activities with these powerful, sentient beings transform fearful situations into mindful opportunities for awareness and self care. Those overcome with sadness and grief are comforted beyond words by the heart connection that occurs with horses. Those who struggle with self-esteem and assertiveness learn to set boundaries with horses and become more confident through that experience.

Equine experiential learning teaches the art of consensual leadership and the way to create mutually respectful relationships. By combining therapeutic inquiry with the mind-body connection that occurs in the presence of horses, people uncover unconscious limitations and become empowered to change old dysfunctional patterns of behavior. In connection with these beautiful animals, and in a safe and supportive environment, healing takes place.

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