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We Know More than We Understand
Alfred Adler

I understand therapy as a compassionate journey of self-discovery. We all have the resources within ourselves to develop happy and meaningful lives and relationships. However, sometimes we get stuck, sidetracked, or distracted by the complex world around us. Past traumas or current stressors put up roadblocks.

Partnering with a therapist who is a good fit is one way to navigate challenging times and to rediscover our strengths and direction. I can help you with personal growth, life transitions, depression and anxiety, trauma, anger management, spiritual growth, strengthening relationships, substance abuse and eating disorders.

I facilitate Life Transitions groups and Intensive Journal writing workshops. My goal is to help clients tap their inner resources and to develop happier and more meaningful lives and relationships.

IFS (Internal Family Systems) techniques and the Intensive Journal process are two of the therapeutic modalities I use. Both have a foot in depth and transpersonal psychologies and share a positive, non-pathological view of the human person. I encourage journaling, meditation and paying attention to one’s dream life.

Joseph Jeffers, San Diego Gay Therapist and Counselor offering LGBT counseling
Intensive Journal Process in San Diego, Journaling in Therapy
IFS (Internal Family Systems)
The Intensive Journal Process Meditation

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