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Depression / Anxiety



Grief / Loss

Trauma / Abuse


Mind / Body Therapy
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Spiritual Growth

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 41950)
www.louisejacobus.com • Kensington area

Envision a brighter future....
and learn the skills to make it real.

Are you held back from your ideal life by
     difficult relationships,
     the effects of childhood trauma
You can see the quality of your life improve! 

I love helping clients develop the life they want - a life that is full of meaning, success, and creativity.  I will encourage you to become actively involved in your therapy, and you will learn practical and creative tools you can use throughout your life.

Louise Jacobus, San Diego Mind/Body Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist, EFT Tapping Therapist in San Diego

Call or text
(619) 415-3568
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Free initial phone consultation

I use a holistic approach:
integrating cognitive therapies with mind/body therapies,
EFT (Tapping), and mindfulness.

The couples counseling I do is grounded in the research of John Gottman. 

I enjoy working with people on spiritual issues and I work with people of all faiths.

Short-term therapy includes:
     skill development
     behavioral change

Longer-term therapy explores:
     family-of-origin issues
     recovery from childhood trauma
     questions of meaning and life purpose 

My approach to therapy is sensitive and compassionate, and I truly enjoy helping the lives of my clients improve.


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