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Personal Growth

Depression / Anxiety
Dream Work
Sandtray Therapy
Spiritual Growth



Licensed Psychologist (PSY 17104)
(760) 736-4395 • Encinitas, CA 92024

Choose to Grow®

Every experience that comes to us in life offers us an opportunity for soul growth. Often, however, it is hard to see our way through the rough patch itself, let alone figure out what we’re supposed to learn from it

I can help you through the tough time. I am a skilled and creative therapist, using a variety of techniques to assist you to understand and work through the issues you face. I am a psychodynamic psychologist: using dreamwork, sandtray, and story to understand and illuminate. I also employ mindfulness and cognitive approaches.

In response to your needs, I can provide therapy in which we set goals and work to address real-life difficulties that lead to depression, anxiety, and struggles with self-esteem and relationships. We can also go beyond that, exploring deeper to move toward greater self-knowledge and awareness. It is my joy to work with you in achieving meaningful personal growth and positive change.

Through your thoughts and dreams, images and synchronicity, we can discover and honor your growth choices, and the evolution of your own personal journey.

• Sadness, depression, grief
• Anxiety
• Relationships
• Life transitions
• Personal empowerment
• Creativity
• Meaningful personal growth
• Spiritual issues

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Peggy McCarthy, Licensed Psychologist in San Diego North County, Encinitas 92024

Licensed Psychologist
Individual, couples, and
  group therapy for adults

Payment: Fee scale available
  for eligible clients


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