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Personal Growth

Depression / Anxiety
 Anger / Fear
Grief / Loss
Stress Management
Trauma / Abuse
Women's Issues
 Infertility Counseling
Pregnancy / Postpartum Issues



EMDR Therapy for Individual Adults
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"I believe the most important element in the therapeutic relationship is the connection between therapist and client — person to person."


What I bring to the relationship is warmth, caring, and a gentle and compassionate presence. I am open-minded, flexible, and collaborative in my approach. Together we explore issues to promote your growth and healing. At the core of what I provide is an unending faith in your ability to transform the way you live your life.

My most important role as a therapist is to empower my clients. I support you in finding your own answers and solutions, gently guiding you to discover what works for you and facilitating the unfolding of your own process. My aim is to foster inner trust and enhance your strengths in order for you to experience greater joy, power, and freedom in your life.

Seeking to utilize the most effective methods for healing, I employ both traditional and cutting-edge approaches, including EMDR therapy (www.emdr.com),  EFT (www.eftuniverse.com), and AIT (www.aitherapy.org). These powerful and effective techniques engage the mind and body to provide relief from trauma and abuse, stuck patterns and beliefs, anxiety, anger, grief, and addictions. They also help strengthen internal resources and enhance performance. I am very excited about the potential of these tools to help make a difference in your life.

I have over twenty years of experience counseling clients from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of issues. As a licensed psychotherapist, I provide individual counseling and therapy, with special training as an EMDR therapist. I also offer a pregnancy/postpartum support group for moms struggling with prenatal or postpartum depression or anxiety.

Mary L. Obata, EMDR therapist in San Diego

Marriage and Family

Therapist (MFC 44277); M.A.,
Clinical Psychology, Antioch
University, Los Angeles, 1993;
EMDR Level II training and
advanced workshops.
Payment: Free initial phone
consultation, sliding scale,
Aetna, Blue Shield,  Tricare, & PPO insur
ance accepted
Office: Kensington location
5100 Marlborough Dr.
San Diego, CA  92116
(close to I-8 and I-15

Memberships include: California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists; EMDR International Association; Postpartum Support International; Past President, Postpartum Health Alliance. As publisher of this online directory, I am also happy to provide a resource that empowers clients to make more informed choices.
    Specializing in the following areas:
Fostering Self-Esteem and Empowerment
Cultivating Personal and Spiritual Growth
Improving Relationships and Communication
Relieving Depression and Anxiety
Resolving Grief, Loss and Anger
 Facilitating Stress Management
Overcoming Trauma/Abuse and PTSD
Exploring Women's Issues
Coping with Pregnancy/Infertility Issues
Alleviating Postpartum Depression/Anxiety
Examining Multiracial/Multicultural Issues


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