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Depression / Anxiety

Marriage Counseling
Sexual Abuse / Incest
Grief / Loss

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(619) 291-9164 E-mail me here
Old Town Office:
2251 San Diego Avenue, Suite B253
San Diego, CA  92110

My approach to therapy helps people change in deep and lasting ways. By working with them to understand how their feelings, thoughts and behaviors relate to each other, her holistic approach allows individuals to change their crippling life patterns, remove symptoms and improve self-esteem, resulting in greater freedom to fulfill their potential to love and work.

I work with Adults and Couples in:

1) Short-term psychotherapy – with people experiencing situational stressors, including divorce or loss of a loved one, using practical, problem-solving solutions for quick symptom relief.

2) Long-term psychotherapy – for those who feel the need to delve more deeply into the causes underlying their symptoms of depression, anxiety, sexual difficulties, inability to trust others or maintain a close, intimate relationship. This “psychoanalytic” approach examines how factors often out of conscious awareness affect current relationships and behavior patterns, and helps individuals deal better with the realities of everyday life.

Marti Peck, Psychoanalyst in San Diego

Education:  Clinical Psychologist (CA Lic #PSY12131)
Board Certified in Adult Psychoanalysis by American  Psychoanalytic Association
Payment: Insurances accepted include Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna


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