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DONNA RAY, M.A., MFT (MFC 21048)
Cardiff/Encinitas (760) 436-9087
E-mail me here www.donnaray.com

Feel better now. Sorting through issues and finding practical solutions is possible when you work with a skillful supportive therapist. In this process you will resolve uncomfortable feelings and discover your strengths. You will learn how your mind, brain and body work together. Break unhealthy habits and form healthy ways of living.

As a therapist with 25 years of experience I know it is possible to resolve conflict and live with peace of mind.

1. Couples counseling - Learn to appreciate each other. Deepen your connection by trusting, respecting and laughing with your partner.
2. Separation and divorce counseling - transitions are difficult: with guidance you can do it well.

Donna Ray, MFT, San Diego Couples Counseling, Divorce Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling in San Diego

Special Training:
EMDR I,II & Kitchur Training
Voice Dialog
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Brain/Mind/Body-Somatic Education
Professional Speaker

  3. Premarital counseling - set the stage for a successful marriage.
4. Sexual counseling - Improve quality and performance.
5. Emotional /trauma abuse - Heal emotional and physical trauma.
6. Weight loss and fitness - Take care of yourself and eliminate unhealthy habits.
7. Pain/Stress Management - Eliminate lifestyle choices that contribute to pain and stress.
8. Anxiety/Depression - Overcome the psychophysical problems related to anxiety and depression by understanding your beliefs and behaviors.
9. Child Therapy - Help kids express and identify their feelings and develop useful social skills

I sincerely want to provide you with my special expertise or refer you to a therapist that will take care of you properly. Complimentary phone consultation (760) 436-9087.

Licensed MFT since 1985 
Flexible Hours    Reasonable Fees
  Some insurance accepted  •  Close to I-5


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