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Sex Therapy
Sexual Difficulties
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 34711)
1125 Camino Del Mar, Suite F
Del Mar, California 92014
Tel: (858) 755-2505 
Fax: (858) 755-1621

Being in a committed relationship is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging experiences that human beings can have. By their very nature, commitment and the experience of loving present us with a never-ending series of growth opportunities. One of the fundamental forces of a committed relationship is to challenge people to grow and mature, and to develop an ever-increasing ability to tolerate intimacy.

Peter Roussos, Therapy for Infidelity in San Diego and Sex Therapy

Achieving positive change and growth often requires that we proactively make different choices in our lives. I help my clients find and develop the understanding and strength needed to make different, healthier choices and to positively change behaviors, so that they can have more satisfying lives and relationships.

I provide:
• Couples, Family, Individual, and Group psychotherapy for adults and adolescents

I specialize in:
• Intimacy and Connection Dynamics
• Sexuality, Sexual Satisfaction, and Sexual Difficulties
• Self-Esteem and Personal Growth
• Infidelity and Trust
• Emotional Self-management
• Communication and Effective Problem Solving

Please visit my website: www.peterroussos.com for more information. I am looking forward to helping you make positive changes in your life.

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