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Board Certified Diplomate
4225 Executive Square, Suite 600
La Jolla, California 92037 (UTC)
(858) 202-1624 • E-mail me here
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Most everything you value flows from the relationship
you have with yourself.

Experience all that transforms in your life when you
begin living in a way that reflects compassion
toward yourself, and a deeper
with your feelings, dreams and truth.

Irene Saunders, LCSW, Find a La Jolla Therapist 92037
I am a warm therapist with a comfortable style, over twenty years of experience and an excellent reputation in the professional community. Prior to establishing a full-time private practice, I provided therapy at the Departments of Psychiatry at UCSD and Rady Children's Hospital, and Scripps Clinic, and trained other therapists.

I have expertise in many schools of therapy and healing, and will adapt therapy to meet your specific needs. Many women and men find my unique use of "focusing," integrated with other therapies, remarkably transformative and empowering.
RELIEF, PEACE OF MIND, BALANCE  Through our therapy you may shift out of your pain and the memories that hold you back, and tap into inner knowingness, wisdom and strength. You may be released from distressing symptoms, make important decisions, and become able to act in ways that are most true to yourself and propel your life forward.

THRIVING RELATIONSHIPS  Couples often say they now relate to their partners in ways that simply work better. They finally feel supported and understood and have a deeper connection. With the tools to handle conflict productively, they also become confident in the resilience of their relationship.

Such positive results are often just as true for relationships with children and other family members, friends and co-workers, and when you are seen individually. Even subtle changes in the way you relate to someone can be a powerful catalyst in transforming a relationship.

You, too, may find our work life changing even after prior therapy was of limited benefit.

I invite you to call or e-mail me for a free fifteen-minute phone consultation.

Relaxing 6th Story View in Beautiful, New Building
Easily Accessible Location
Insurances and Credit Card Payments Accepted, Sliding Scale


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