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Alcohol / Drug Abuse




Solution- Focused  Coaching



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I specialize in helping families who have a loved one who is experiencing a substance abuse or mental health disorder. I have for the past 30 years specialized in respectful, caring invitational interventions that facilitate loved ones getting to appropriate treatment centers. In doing so, I specialize in assessments, treatment planning and solution focused coaching.

I work with a highly specialized team who can also help with legal issues such as alternative sentencing, transportation, case management, sober companionship, coaching and monitoring. I also work in a consultant role with other mental health providers who seek guidance on clients with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

•  Addiction Recovery Consulting Services
•  Interventions - Alcohol/Drugs/Process Addictions such as Gambling & Sex
•  Solution Focused Recovery Coaching For Individuals & Families
•  In Home/Off Site Visits

I look forward to starting a conversation with you.

Louise Stanger, San Diego Addictions Interventionist Services

Education: Ed.D - University of San Diego, MSW - San Diego State University, BA - University of Pittsburgh
Certification: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS4581),
Board Registered Interventionist
Training: Mint Trainer of Trainers
Faculty: San Diego State University Interwork Institute


“With her compassionate and empathetic nature, Louise helped us get through one of the most difficult times our family has ever experienced—literally saving my sister’s life.”  - Lisa S.


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