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Therapy that Makes a Difference in Your Life

Are you feeling Stuck?  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a Therapy that can free you from disturbing feelings like anxiety, sadness, worry or anger. This therapy has been validated by a wealth of research for more than 20 years. Counseling using EMDR can free you from thoughts that drag down your self-esteem – such as: “I can’t succeed,” “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not lovable.”

Are there any behaviors you are doing “too much” that are interfering with your ability to work, play, love and enjoy life? Are there skills you wish you had in your relationships that could give you more success? Does it seem confusing that you should even have these problems? I’m a therapist who is sometimes asked by new clients – “why should I be so stressed, when my life is actually pretty good?”  For more info about EMDR, check my website: www.ComprehensiveTherapyApproach.com.

Dana Terrell, EMDR therapist in San Diego

EMDR Training 1997, 1998
EMDR Certified: 2002
EMDRIA-Approved Consultant: 2007
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
Payment: PPO's, Aetna HMO, and private pay
Office: North Park, near Downtown San Diego
In life we will have some disappointments, regrets and suffering. It is unavoidable. But it is good to reach out for understanding and competent help to heal as soon as possible. I firmly believe that since the development of EMDR, long-term emotional suffering is unnecessary. Staying “stuck” is completely unnecessary.

From my years of experience with EMDR (I am EMDRIA Certified and an EMDRIA- Approved Consultant, guiding other EMDR therapists to attain EMDRIA Certification), I love watching how EMDR can clear out disturbing emotions and the accompanying physical sensations, limiting beliefs and behaviors, and traumas. Once that happens, clients spontaneously access their strengths. They say things like, “I’m more myself!” I watch their spirits, strengths and success-abilities engage. To me, this makes it an inspiring experience to “walk alongside” my clients as they heal.

For over 30 years I’ve been using family systems therapy (the Bowen theory) to help individuals and people in relationships of all kinds. I like to educate my clients about the theory, which is very easy to understand. This helps them to gradually make changes in their relationships that enhance the power of their support system.

One basic principle of the Bowen theory is that we all have certain chronic anxieties that make it harder for us to be emotionally mature in relationships while under stress. One key goal is to reduce these anxieties. I find EMDR is an outstanding way to accomplish that aim.

I will welcome a call from you, and am very interested to know what may be concerning you now. Please tell me how you would like your life to be different in the future. That list of goals will guide us in our work together, and once they are achieved, will tell us when our work is complete.

If you mention this ad, you will receive a $15 discount on the first session (not permitted for insurance clients by insurance companies).

Please call me today at (619) 283-5665.


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